[THE STORY OF] Caro_de_Feijter

[THE STORY OF] Heidi_de_Blank

[she is] a women who likes the mystery of live.

[she has] a positive mind and wants to transfer that to others. [she has] a loving family.

[she can] likes to share the harmonious energy from the art of Reiki.


[she] is an old grey women

[she can] bake the best pies in the world

[i remember when she] worked as a pirvate detective


[she] is an artist who lives and works in France

[she is] kind [she is] happy to live the life she has

[THE STORY OF] Lotte_Wandel

[she] loves tea- coffe- fruits- yoghurt- couscous- hummus- thai food- pasta- pizza- wants to travel the world [she] is a sexual being

[she is] 25 years old

[she can] give you a hug, if you like? [she can] be a very hard worker and a very good friend

[she will] never stop loving

[i remember when she] said: "The banana never lets you down"


[he] likes trees, plants, birds, insects, everything alive.

[he is] joining the world of fables, ancient gods and magic whenever he can.

[he has] an infectuous laughter that sounds like an engine starting.

[he can] be very loud at times.


[he] likes the rhythm of nature.

[he is] finding out all about our roots.

[he has] got a name brother on Facebook. [he has] an identical twin who does not share his genes. [he has] the ability to make a lot of noise or be completely stoic.

[i remember when he] did his first solo performance.

[THE STORY OF] The_man_against_the_wall

[she] sees the man against the wall

[she is] astonished. Looking at the man against the wall. Eyes looking into nowhere. Into the past. [she is] a viewer, a welcome outsider. looking at the tent.

[she has] been touched in her heart. no pity, a wonderment. a changing of page, of view, of confrontation.

[she can] only be. Just like them, but completely different. We are now at the same place, the disturbed, unexisting location. That is on itself. In a community.

[she will] Take the man with her. the man against the wall. Leaning, smoking, staring into space. The man who has been moved to not moving.


[she] has stripes

[she is] stripes

[she has] stripes

[she can] stripe

[she will] stripe

[i remember when she] had stripes


[THE STORY OF] jos_de_blank

[he] arranges and re-arranges letters for a living.

[he is] happy to do the things he likes for a living. [he is] writing at this very moment.

[he can] exchange letters for notes if he wants to.

[he will] be doing this - if he can - for the rest of his life.

[i remember when he] got his first article published.

[THE STORY OF] lieke_de_blank

[she] studies at ArtEZ [she] added herself to this database [she] invites you to add yourself as well [she] encourages you to create stories for other people too [she] wants to thank you for your time and effort

[she has] loooooong hair [she has] great hair

[she will] be happy to answer any of your questions when you send her an e-mail [she will] be a very great artist

[i remember when she] said: "If you quote me, do it well" [i remember when she] said: "I analyse, I analyse my analysing, I overanalyse." [i remember when she] and I met eachother

[THE STORY OF] martina

[she has] curly hair

[she can] fly

[she will] fly [she will] fly high [she will] be high [she will] to the sky

[i remember when she] was a little girl [i remember when she] touched the moon